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Wonderful stories are important for shaping a child’s imagination and cognitive development. And as a parent, you can tell such stories through beautiful and colorful story books. However, most story books have already been told. Many characters are just recycled concepts, leaving children bored and distracted.

To keep your children interested, you can try reading a personalized story book from BubblyDoo. Through a BubblyDoo storybook, your child can become the protagonist and star of the story.

Additionally, your child can even modify the key elements of the story such as color palettes, packaging design, and character styles. With BubblyDoo, your child won’t just be a part of a story. Rather, they will be a part of a colorful and imaginative world!

The Wonders of BubblyDoo Storybook Shop

Storytelling Has Never Been This Fun with BubblyDoo

A Personalized Storybook Experience

With a personalized storybook, your child can use their imagination to make the scenes as real as possible. Instead of just reading about a traditional story hero, your child will see that their actions affect the whole plot.

In other words, your child will become the hero of a real personalized storybook!

Games Galore For Kids

Interactive Games Empower Imagination

Aside from storybooks, BubblyDoo offers interactive board games and card games. One of the popular games in the BubblyDoo shop is the Bumba Badum where cards must be stacked without Bumba (the titular toy) falling over. Each card can only be stacked if the corresponding facial expression is mimicked. The different expressions can make the whole family laugh!

Other popular games are Miraculous Smashty from the show Miraculous and Peppa Pig Quartet from Peppa Pig Kids Show.

Top Brands Curated

BubblyDoo always has an exciting line-up of the best storybook brands. Some of the brands and shows that you should look out for are Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Miraculous, K3, Nogo, LOL Surprise, and even The Smurfs!

All of the popular storybook brands guarantee endless storytelling wonders and fun for your children. The branded storybooks are also durable enough to last for a long time.

Easy Checkout

Before checking out a BubblyDoo product, you will be prompted to personalize it. Personalizing takes only a few minutes, depending on you or your child’s preferences. During the personalization process, you can change the product colors, styles, and event the main character’s name.

After personalizing all important details, you can then proceed to checkout and pay for the product.

Getting the Most Out of A Personalized Storybook

Once you’ve ordered a personalized storybook, you must use it in the best ways possible. It’s important to unleash your creativity, especially if you’re bonding with your children. Here are some tricks on getting the most out of your new personalized storybook:

  1. Don’t be hesitant to tell the story with animated facial expressions. Your child will appreciate the effort, leading to a few laughs here and there.
  2. Add embellishments! There’s no hard and fast rule saying that improvisation is not allowed. If you want to be a master storyteller for your kids, you must be ready to stretch by adding extra plot points or words of wisdom.
  3. Always use the power of questioning. Ask your kids what they want to do next if they’re stuck with something. Be prepared for the possible answers!


BubblyDoo’s storybooks and games will tickle the imagination of your children. On top of that, any BubblyDook storybook can be repeated as often as possible, ensuing hours of imaginative fun!

Let your child enjoy the magic of storytelling. Pick and personalize a storybook from BubblyDoo today!

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