Yoga Poses That Can Strengthen Your Core Muscle tissues


Your belly muscle tissues are only one part of your core. The gluteal muscle tissues, diaphragm, hip flexors, and hip adductor muscle tissues additionally comprise your core. These giant muscle teams assist management the actions you make all through the day.  Strengthening these muscle tissues helps to soak up forces from day by day actions and reduce the forces that transfer by joints.

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Here’s a group yoga poses that may assist to enhance your core muscle tissues. Attempt holding them for 2 to a few breaths at first, then improve the variety of breaths to problem your self. On the one-sided poses, be sure you repeat on the opposite aspect!

Observe: Poses needs to be entered into and moved out of slowly to guard muscle tissues and joints. If you’re having particular ache that has been ongoing for longer than two weeks or you’ve got a selected damage, it’s all the time greatest seek the advice of a professional well being care supplier, reminiscent of a bodily therapist, who can develop a plan particular to your wants.

Spinal Stability

  • Begin from a arms and knees place. Pull your stomach muscle tissues inward and preserve your decrease again flat.
  • Attain ahead with one arm as in case you are shaking arms. Hold your chin tucked.
  • For an added problem, elevate the alternative leg, protecting your hips degree and toes pointed downward.

Facet Plank

  • Ranging from a arms and knees place, stretch your legs out.
  • Flip your physique to 1 aspect, lifted onto one outstretched arm. Stack your backside shoulder over your wrist.
  • Hold your fingers unfold broad and pull the highest of your shoulders away out of your ears.
  • Hold your hips stacked and the underside hip lifted from the mat.
  • To make this pose simpler, kneel in your backside knee.


  • From a arms and knees place, elevate your hips and straighten your legs.
  • Squeeze your stomach muscle tissues as you probably have a belt tightening round your abdomen, pull your shoulder blades collectively, and squeeze your entrance thigh muscle tissues to maintain your physique in a straight line.
  • To make this pose simpler, you’ll be able to drop your knees.

Boat Pose

  • Begin in a seated place, knees bent.
  • Put your arms palm down on the mat behind you, arms bent.
  • Raise your decrease legs off the ground and maintain them parallel to the mat, pulling your stomach muscle tissues inward and protecting your chest lifted. Level your toes up.
  • To make this pose tougher, prolong your arms ahead, parallel to the mat.
  • For an added problem, straighten each legs.


  • From a standing place, squat down by bending your knees barely.
  • Press your inside thighs collectively and shift your weight to your heels, pulling your tailbone towards the bottom.
  • Increase each arms above your head.
  • To make this pose simpler, carry arms collectively in entrance of your chest.

Contributor: Patti Kopasakis, PT, DPT, SCS, RYT-200, Licensed yoga teacher

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